Last week was Fort William. Aaron Gwin crashed, and although you wouldn’t have known from the rest of his run, he dislocated his thumb. This week was Leogang—the track where Gwin has been most dominant. He won the last three years. But winning and dislocated thumbs don’t mix. After a few practice runs, and one qualifying run, Gwin looked out of sorts. He wasn’t attacking like normal and he could barely hold onto his bar. He and the Mob thought the race was going to be a wash.

On race day, things took a turn for the better. Some of Gwin’s normal grip-strength was back. But a lack of practice had him unsure on line-choice and track changes. Nonetheless, when Gwin dropped, he meant business. Miraculously, Gwin crossed the finish line with a half second on leader Laurie Greenland. But four years and four wins was not meant to be. It was the winner of Fort William, Amaury Pierron who dethroned the defending champion of Leogang. The race was dramatic, fast and won by half a second. Pierron took first with Gwin 0.508 seconds back and Laurie Greenland in third.