Sunday Smörgåsbord

Three videos that inspire us as riders and speak to the soul of mountain biking.

There are many riders who push the limits of what's possible, while there are only a few who create new possibilities. The rider in our first edit is one of the latter, and his name is Erik Elstran. The second edit down showcases the incredibly intricate and suprisingly artful processing of a boutique gun. Any gearhead will appreciate the craftsmanship and pride demonstrated in Beretta's "Human Technology." Our third piece is a freeski movie by the Finnish ski crew Nipwitz – it's 20 minutes long and completely worth watching as the skiing is super creative and the videography is darn good.

Erik Elstran 2014
Elstran might not be able to double peg grind, but he sure can dance. This new one from the world traveler and 90’s pop extraordinaire is absolutely unreal and will definitely leave you saying WTF? almost as many times as you would if you’re ever lucky enough to spend some time with him.

BERETTA “Human Technology” from Paola Manfrin on Vimeo.

Human Technology is an artistic short movie celebrating the uniqueness and the distinction of every Beretta premium gun. This movie by Ancarani Studio, under the creative direction of Paola Manfrin, reveals through the minutia of the manufacturing process, the genesis of a luxury Beretta shotgun. A poetic journey through sterile robotic rooms is blended with five centuries of Beretta's history, culminating in the final assembly by the gunsmith, ever the wise guardian of the art of manufacturing.

Nipwitz – Brain Massage MOVIE from Flatlight Creative House on Vimeo.

As the first and the last movie by the groundbreaking Finnish ski crew, Brain Massage showcases a new twist to the good old Nipwitz-approach making it genuinely one of the most unique projects in the modern freeskiing era. Shot in the cities of Scandinavia, The Baltic, Russia and beyond, Brain Massage offers a package that, once again, certainly isn't your average ski movie.