Creativity has always kept things fresh for the Godfather of Freeride, Wade Simmons. On the trail, he makes things happen that simply shouldn't be possible, all while navigating extremely technical terrain with ease. Looking back at his segment in "Shift," a breakout role for a much younger Godfather, he has always been about pushing the boundaries of what's possible. "It's become apparent to me that the big advantage of running plus-sized tires is the ability to maintain momentum and speed over rough terrain. The tires eat rough for breakfast! It can be a bit more finicky dialing in the tire pressure, but once you find the right balance, it’s game on."

Jesse Melamed is laser focused, and his race results against the World's fastest are proof. He knows when to go for it and anyone who's ridden with Jesse will attest that he's all-in once his tires hit the trail. Commitment is in his character, and being able to unlock and tap into unconventional lines has set him apart at the EWS and back home in Whistler. "Riding the all-new Pipeline is like riding any new bike, it’s fun and exciting!” says Melamed. “I like to jump around and play with the trail, and the Pipeline lets me get away with landing in even the roughest sections and calling it a "landing". Every time I get away with riding a stupid line, it motivates me to find another one. It’s my favorite way to ride a bike, and a trail."

The all-new Pipeline has 140mm of rear travel, 10mm more than the previous version. Being able to fine tune the geometry and rear suspension of the bike is made possible by the RIDE-9 Adjustment System embedded on the link. Jesse, who is known for charging hard and as fast as possible, has his Ride-9 set to Position 1, the slackest and most progressive setting. Wade, who loves a supple top end and a bit more linear feeling suspension, prefers his Pipeline in Position 3.