Scottish snowdrifts | “Trippin’ Winter,” Ep. 1

These boys don’t much care how deep the snow is out there, and neither should you. Head out with a shovel and your bike and you’ll return with a smile on your face.

From EpicTV
Once there is snow on the ground most people pack their mountain bikes away for a few weeks. Most people. Embracing the British winter Sam Flanagan, Joe Flanagan, Ali Parkin, and Toby Pantling set off into the Scottish Highlands to look for snow-covered trails in the stunning Cairngorms National Park. Arriving just after a huge storm that left most of the country covered in a blanket of snow the boys remained undeterred and wasted no time getting down to business in this video. They made the most out of the conditions they had, blasting some huge turns that looked more like ski turns than mtb turns, and even hit a few jumps. In the end, at least it wasn't raining!