François Bailly-Maitre celebrated his first-place finish on the Pacific shore of Matanzas after a consistent performance over the 5 days of the Andes Pacifico.

Accompanying him on the podium were Mark Scott, who finished in the top three every day, and 2014 World Champion Jerome Clementz. "During the five days I went from less to more,” said Clementz. “I'm happy with the result and I really like the format of these races with a few days and lots of stages." The fastest Chilean was Milciades Jaque, who took fourth place.

Tracy Moseley won the overall in the Women’s class with a healthy 12-minute margin over Pauline Dieffenthaler. Chilean Florencia Espiñeira claimed third despite a flat tire on the first day.

The master class was won by the Chilean legend Claus Plaut who took the lead in the final day over Michael West. In third was South African Rene Damseaux.

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