Rémi Thirion – Hexagone Segment

Rémi Thirion doesn't need music to make a rad edit – just sheer speed and bike noise!

A film about Mountain-Bike, only shot in France with some of the best French riders.
We are proud to present our full length movie HEXAGONE. 100% french riders, shot exclusively in france. Antoine Bizet, Antoine Dubourgnon, Yannick Granieri, Mehdi Gani, Louis Reboul, Rémi Thirion, Richard Fert, Anthony Rocci, Pierre Edouard Ferry, Pierre Charles Georges.
One year and a half of work for 3 young amateur filmmakers to showcase our passion.

A film by Marc-Olivier PANAUD & Thibault MENU
With the participation of Thibault MAITREJEAN

The film is presented by Alltricks.com
In association with Hope technology and Adidas eyewear
with additional support from Ghanzi, Commencal