If you watch enough World Cup DH races, you notice they follow a formula. A rider outside the top 20 is in the hot seat. A short clip of their run is shown. Soon enough a top 20 racer knocks them down a step lower. And then they get knocked down again. And by the time the best-of-the-best are dropping, that original rider is long forgotten.

That didn’t happen at Fort William.

It was Scottish native Reece Wilson, bib number 81, in the hot seat when the top 20 began dropping. It quickly became apparent Wilson had done something special. As 20 dwindled to 15 and then 10, Wilson maintained a spot on the podium. He weathered the storm of Sam Blenkinsop, Danny Hart and Loic Bruni, all coming in with times over Wilson’s 4:35.77.

At the end of the day, Wilson—a rider most people had never heard of before—took fourth place, and was just over a second back from the first place time of Amaury Pierron. It was truly a dream come true. Max Rendall captured the raw emotion of the moment.