A fox hunt, at least traditionally, is a sport involving a large pack of hounds chasing down a single quarry, usually a red fox. Also as the name suggests, a successful hunt usually ends with the death of the fox. Luckily, Red Bull’s Fox Hunt is much more humane (usually), and only involves a large pack of terrified humans being hunted down by members of the Atherton clan.

The Athertons, the ‘foxes,’ start at the back of the pack and try to see how many riders they can pass before the finish line at the bottom. Each year the track gets built up more, with multiple lines and features that make for exciting times (read: high-speed passes and probable catastrophes).

Two events are held, one for women riders chased down by Rachel Atherton, and another for men who more or less get run over by Gee Atherton. This year, Gee was joined by fellow racers Greg Callaghan and Loïc Bruni, along with 550 riders hoping to outpace the three speed demons. It was this very race, back in 2012, where Callaghan out-sprinted Gee, crossing the finish line first at the age of 21. Now, Callaghan helps hunt alongside Gee and Bruni.

Watch the video to see which of the two races held the nearly endless carnage that masses of riders on tight tracks bring, and which one was simply pure anarchistic savagery from top-to-bottom.

Bonus Video: Watch Loïc Bruni’s run, complete with him instigating many a pile-up as he blasts past riders yelling, “Sorry!” As the cherry on top, Bruni catches up to Callaghan in the last bit of track to end with an all-out sprint to a near photo finish.

Video Credit: Red Bull Bike