Race Face just announced a new wheelset, the Next SL wheelset, which is the shaven-legged brother of the Next R wheelset. Designed for more for the kind of mountain biking that involves pedaling, the Next SLs are best suited to the riders who like going up nearly as much as going down. The new wheelset is also perfect for the trail dogs that like their humans to ride fast even if gravity is pulling the wrong direction.

Rupert the trail dog is a frequent visitor of the Race Face office and enjoys the office banter as much as the next canine, but he’s most happy when out on the trail chasing a wheel. Rupert dislikes when the ride has to stop for flat tires and mechanical issues, but at least there’s usually squirrels to chase if a breakdown does happen. The faster his human goes, the better, and if his human can’t keep up, well Rupert will just have to take the lead and show Strava who the real King of the Mountain is.