It's clear that people love to abuse their bikes. Coming up on 25 years of building bicycle components, Race Face has seen just about every JRA (Just Riding Along) story imaginable. From botched gaps to roof racks meeting garage entrances, tragic stories of components lost before their time are shared amongst riders like folklore. And while these can be fun for wrenches filling in some #bikeshopbingo, the Vancouver, British Columbia-based company wants to ensure its customers are getting a full lifetime out of their product, especially when it comes to an investment in ride quality like Next R carbon wheels.


Race Face believes that its carbon wheels are top class. The company is now offering the following 2 year, no-fault guarantee to the original retail purchaser with proof of purchase. At the discretion of Race Face, within 2 years of original purchase, Next R carbon wheels will be repaired or replaced regardless of how the incident occurred or extent of the damage. This guarantee covers your complete carbon wheel, including the rim, spokes and hub (including bearings) to ensure you have a fully functioning, ride-ready wheel.

The fine print.