With the riding season now in full swing and Crankworx Whistler upon us, RockShox wanted to do something to celebrate those who progress the sport forward. Every year, we see things people once thought, "Can't be done," get done. This short film called, "Prove [Can't] Wrong," is a salute all those who push boundaries to prove that ‘can't’ is a matter of opinion. Let’s see what ‘can't’ get proven wrong this year.

RockShox – A brief history of [can't]

Whether it's pulling off your first bunny hop or winning a World Championship title, we all have a "can't" we're chasing. People once said, "Suspension can't make up for the added weight." That didn't stop RockShox from changing the face of mountain biking in 1989. And it hasn't stopped riders from doing what "can't be done" ever since. This short film salutes, amongst others, Danny Hart’s shattering World Championship run in 2011, one of the most prolific products in downhill history–The RockShox BoXXer fork, Brandon Semenuk’s gravity defying Crankworx winning run in 2013 and many more of those moments that prove "can't" is just a matter of opinion.

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