Only a few months ago Kona released its new Process line. The bikes received a geometry overhaul, a new linkage and two different wheel sizes. The bikes are fun. To prove this, Jordan Regnier and Alexander Kangas took the Process 153 and 165 to France.

The French Alps are a promised land of wine and cheese, along with two free (yes, free) high-alpine bike parks – Tignes and Val D’Isere. While exploring the parks, Kona’s Super Grassroots riders Regnier and Kangas found big mountain descents to put the new bikes to the test. Regnier rode the longer-travel Process 165, while Kangas opted for the Process 153 AL DL 29er.

Kona Super Grassroots is a program focused on finding up-and-coming riders and giving them the resources to become better racers and compete at a higher level in more events. The program focuses on finding regional riders that have potential to become the next world champion. Regnier joined the Grassroots team in 2017 and regularly races in France aboard his Process. Kangas started as a World Cup Downhill racer but in 2015 switched to Enduro racing. This video is testament to both of their riding abilities.