Geoff Gulevich and the wet, dark and dank corner of southwest British Columbia go hand in hand like sticky tubeless tires and smelly tire sealant. Gulevich has been riding these technical woods since the first days mountain bikes ventured into them, and through honing his skills has become one of the most stylish and enjoyable riders to watch. Lately he’s expanded his horizons, traveling the globe in search of new and unique riding destinations. But, B.C. remains as much of a world-class riding destination as anywhere else. Following the release of a new tire sealant, Goodyear Bike released this video of Gulevich returning to his home loam, riding the Finer China trail on Vancouver Island. A bit of a change of pace from the usual steep, gnarly trails of the North Shore Mountains that Gulevich cut his teeth on, the Finer China trail is fast, flowy and invites Gulevich to make shapes and throw some fun styling into the mix.