Paul Schlitz isn’t your stereotypical rider. He once competed as a long-distance runner and is also an avid piano player. Oh, and he is the behind-the-scenes extraordinaire for one of the most successful downhill teams on the World Cup circuit. Schlitz lives in the South of France, but come summer, he makes sure all the logistics are in place and the YT Mob is fully prepared come race day. He is both road manager and soigneur. Road manager is pretty self explanatory, soigneur less so. Schlitz’s duties range from messaging athletes, providing nutrition, making game-time decisions on the right wine to drink to being ready at the airport when athletes arrive.

Schlitz got his first taste of riding in 1998 on the Tour VTT in the South of France. In 1999, he scored a position on the Volvo-Cannondale downhill team for the entire World Cup circuit. His career took off from there, eventually landing him where he is today. You probably haven’t ever noticed him, but without Schlitz, the YT Mob wouldn’t be where it is today.