Outlaw Diaries with Patrick Rasche

German freerider Patrick Rasche shows his take on riding–and it's gnarly

From El Flamingo Films:
This is a movie about our friend Patrick “Bengel” Rasche and his very own interpretation of mountain biking. He is one of a few riders holding up the flag of freeride in Germany and representing big-bike riding in its rawest form.

Late spring “Bengel” came up with the idea of shooting a video of his view of freeride mountain biking in the Sauerland area. He wanted to visit some never-ridden spots and also build a few features to top it off. Whenever we both had a time slot we met up to get through the list, starting during the hottest period of the year, finishing a few weeks ago when the air was chilled and mother nature showed her most beautiful colors. This is a story far away from bikeparks and slopestyle tricks.


Fairweather - James Doerfling