Overdrive On High Risk Lines With Simon Bosman

Bosman Pushes the Boundaries Between Peril and Potential

Simon Bosman first cleaned Cathedral, an ugly, trenched, exposed trail so steep and slick you can barely hike up it, let alone ride a bike down it, two years ago, at age 53. A slightly built South African who grew up in the Rhodesian bush, Bosman had long been known around town for his skills on steep lines. Mountain Bike Hall of Fame member Joe Murray, who lives in Flagstaff and sometimes rides with Bosman in Sedona, compares his bike handling to that of trials legend Hans Rey. "People need to know who Simon is," Murray says. Until he rode Cathedral, very few did. Most still don't.

Bosman sometimes scouted terrain after eating psilocybin mushrooms, to help him spot lines he might otherwise miss. "With Simon, there was no line that couldn't be ridden," Ramajon Cogan, local biker and shop owner says. "Not that he rode everything, but that was his approach, to look at everything that had possibility."

From the Cathedral trail in Sedona, Arizona to White Line and White Line Plus, Simon Bosman has made a name for himself with some of the most exposed lines ever ridden. Find the full story by Devon O’Neil on stands now in the September/October issue of Bike magazine.

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