In a style as loose as the riding they feature, 50to01 films are known for their raw, unfettered feel. It’s apparent that the crew is equally concerned with having fun on their bikes as they are with sharing their passion with the world.

Over the years and many films, 50to01’s style has been refined into one with a more polished final appearance, but it still retains the original elements that we’ve all come to expect. Namely, relentless sessioning, an art somewhat lost as our sport matures into its enduro adulthood. Riding the same thing over and over expecting different results each time may sound a little bit like the colloquial definition of insanity, but the 50to01 crew makes riding the same rock 50 different times interesting with a unique blend of hooliganism, raw (and refined) skill on bikes and the willingness to accept that taking things too far is, perhaps, just far enough.