North Park Freeride Jam

Freeride features built in a public park

It's encouraging to see mountain biking gaining some ground in public spaces — obviously there is still more to come, and this video does a great job of catching the vibes that emanate from public mountain bike parks: everyone old and young, outside having a great time and just riding bikes.

From Geo Jenkins on Vimeo.

North Park, located just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, is a biker’s paradise. Freckled with amazing riding trails and jumps, North Park has a lot to offer beginner through advanced riders. Bike enthusiasts of all ages gathered together for the first annual North Park Freeride Jam. The Jam was made possible through a dedicated grassroots effort, focused on uniting the Western PA MTB Freeride scene.
Thanks to for maintaining the trails, please visit their website to find out more.
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