Matt Koen thinks getting bit by a great white shark is something he might want to try, wishes high school mountain bike teams focused more on having fun, and worries about noise pollution. When he’s not philosophizing or surfing, he’s probably in the woods somewhere going really fast on a bike. Especially through turns; turns don’t stand much of a chance when Matt comes around. Koen is a bike rider and enduro racer from Marin County, California; whose riding was shaped by Marin’s spiderweb of certainly-not-built-for-bikes hiking trails; tight, awkward and steep, as well as its network of open fire roads that quickly got him used to speed.

BIKE’s video editor Satchel Cronk spent some time with Matt earlier this year, before his final season racing as a Junior in the Enduro World Series. With never a dull moment, Koen explained his positions on a few key issues and put on a clinic at some of his local trails.

Created by Satchel Cronk

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