Videos: Winners of the Week at Suzuki Nine Knights MTB 2014

The Suzuki Nine Knights MTB 2014 event wrapped up this weekend in Livigno, Italy, providing spectators around the world a unique and visually appetizing experience that’s different from any other world-wide event. In addition to heli, sunset and sunrise shoots, riders explored the backcountry and freeride trails on Mottolino Fun Mountain. The course itself–littered with “medieval” style features and well manicured lines–enabled filmers and photographers great opportunities to capture the style and skill of riders like nowhere else.

“Ruler of the Week: Geoff ‘Gully’ Gulevich”

Geoff Gulevich (CAN) was the man-on-top, stomping a gnarly backflip over the step-up, sending huge airs on the hip and showing off his style with a backflip out of the gate. Super motivated, he was up at dawn for the freeride sessions and was more than happy when her earned the Nine Knights ring and the “Ruler of the Week” title.

“Behind the Scenes: Ep. 2”

The second installment of “Behind the Scenes” starts out early in the morning as riders head high into the alpine to get freeride shots under the soft-light of sunrise. With the gorgeous lakes far below, it’s no wonder these riders and photographers love coming to this zone for a week of shooting.

The next stop is in the park, where big bikes are thrown off the unique Nine Knights features and photographers capture the visual spectacle of world-class riding in a world-class park.

Rider: Ben Byers | Photo by David Malacrida

Rider: Ben Byers | Photo by David Malacrida

Rider: Peter Henke | Photo by Klaus Polzer

Rider: Peter Henke | Photo by Klaus Polzer

Rider: Andi Wittmann | Photo by Klaus Polzer

Rider: Andi Wittmann | Photo by Klaus Polzer

Winners of the week:
Best Trick: Martin Söderström tail whip
Ruler of the Week: Geoff Gulevich
Contest Day Rulers: Tobi Wrobel and Jonas Janssen Best Whip Anton Thelander
Best GoPro Shot: Martin Söderström

Photographers and filmers:
Best Movie: Simon Malmberg Duse
Best Action: Christoph Laue
Best Illumination: Christoph Laue Best Freeride – Stef Candé
Best Lifestyle: Markus Greber
Best Group: Daniel Rönnbäck

The winning photos can be viewed at and the filmers’ works will be released in the coming weeks.

The highlights reel will also be released shortly. Stay tuned!

More Nine Knights MTB 2014 videos:

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GoPro moment with Tobi Wrobel

GoPro moment with Peter Henke