Sunday Smörgåsbord

Three videos that inspire us as riders and speak to the soul of mountain biking.

We’ve picked three videos for you in our first ever Sunday Smörgåsbord. These are videos that do not depict singletrack but inspire us as riders and speak to the soul of mountain biking.

Team Dream Team takes place in detention, but you don’t have to be in school to sympathize with daydreaming about getting out and shredding while you’re stuck doing anything but. Up Up Up speaks to the masochist within some of us cyclists who push ourselves into the pain cave for seemingly no good reason whatsoever. Many of us found cycling through BMX, and Kris Fox’s Season Ender is the type of BMX that inspires us most – fast riding with big style and a metal soundtrack.

TEAM DREAM TEAM – CTD 2014 from Dillon Buss on Vimeo.

“Team Dream Team” is a tale of transcending detention. TDT is the finalist, and winner for Most Creative in the international Skateboarding, Filmmaking and Photography competition Connect The Dots 2014.
Featuring: Erin Robertson, Dave Lewis, Tommy Wisdom, Brian Leff and Dillon Buss.

Up Up Up from Thom Heald on Vimeo.

Hill climbing is a niche within a niche. It was one of the original tests of a cyclists skill, the proving ground before time-trials and road races. Now somewhat forgotten, a hardcore band of thin-limbed riders spend their Autumn sacrificing beer and cake for a shot at amateur bike racing glory.
Director | Thom Heald
B Camera | Camila Carlow
Titles | Luke Spurgeon
Thanks to | Sam Haire, Steve Watson, Bristol South CC, Aspect Film and Video

Kris Fox 2014 Year End Edit from SE Bikes on Vimeo.

From traveling the world, riding at the X-Games, and qualifying to the finals this year’s Vans U.S. Open, Kris Fox has had quite the stellar year. In this new edit, he lays down some serious heat at various skateparks from California to England, as well as hitting it wide open on a crazy unique BMX track in Japan. You've never seen speed like this before. Brace yourself for this one!
Film/Edit: Dylan Pfohl
Additional Filming: Mike Mastroni
Song: Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls (Instrumental)