“Frames of Mind” follows Matt Jones as he visualizes and then executes tricks on his purpose-built trail in Rushmere Country Park, England. Pushing his limits, Jones throws down five world firsts in his new film: the bum slide, 270 rim bonk, hitching post flip to feet, decade tsunami and a backflip superman to tuck no-hander.

Matt Jones does a dipped 360 over the volcano.

Using rotoscoping and editing technique, Cut Media is able to show the audience what is going through Jones’ head before dropping into his line.

Matt Jones, now 23, has been riding since the age of ten, spending equal time building and riding jumps. He emerged within the British scene while still at school, before winning his first international competition in 2016.

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World’s first 270 tree bonk. Count it. Ladies and gentleman: Matt Jones.

Meet your maker: Jones manicures the run up for his nose barspin manual.

Jones, pre-run contemplation.