Michal Kollbek tempts fate on the White Line trail

This is burly

The White Line trail in Sedona is every bit as high-consequence as it looks, with a near-vertical drop off the edge if you blow the corner or slide out. Michal Kollbek braved the long, off-camber slickrock ride and videographer Marshall Mullen captured the high-consequence ride from a drone. This one is sure to make your palms sweat and your stomach turn.

White Line trail

Michal Kollbek prepares to roll into the off-camber corner midway through his ride on the White Line trail.

White line trail

Some liquid courage would help with the approach to this off-camber corner, though the resulting lack of balance might make matters worse.

white line trail

The return trip looks to be the sketchiest bit, with the cliff becoming increasingly steep and more off-camber than on the way there.

Want another angle? Watch some riders from the VitalMTB crew brave the White Line trail.