Mavic Trans-Provence 2015 – Day 0

From Mavic Trans-Provence:

Have you ever wondered what Mavic Trans-Provence does between the long gap each year between race weeks?
Well, apart from running guided weeks following the route of the race, a lot of the year is taken up with scouting for the following year’s race.

Scouting. Scouring over maps. Following the lines on the map to trails in the mountains and sometimes getting lost, sometimes not getting lost. Riding amazing trails. Finding dead ends. Sometimes riding trails that don't work at all. Bike-a-hikes and road climbs. Fireroad drags and singletrack climbs. Turning paths that were on a map into a journey. Then turning that journey into a race.

For its 7th iteration, Mavic Trans-Provence 2015 sees many changes. A new time of year for us and a new starting point. All of that scouting has provided an epic race route with more new trails that ever before. There's also more descending than ever more (and a little less climbing). What hasn't changed: six days of great riding and racing from the High Alps all the way back to Menton on the French coast.

Mavic Trans-Provence 2015

Back in 2009 and the first year of Mavic Trans-Provence, the idea of a rally-style adventure for mountain bikers was born. For each competitor the opportunity–and challenge–to ride quickly and safely on trails that were new to them, which is a skill set that your regular rider may possess in spades and one that a pro downhiller might not. That fine balance between ‘on the gas or on your ass’ is something that all of us that ride know only too well.

It’s 2015 and those ideals are still with us. Pesky naysayers have said that we can't find new riding every year. We say that we can. And we're proud to say that we have. The French Alps are not a handful of groomed bike park trails and downhill runs. There’s an almost infinite playground for the adventurous if they are prepared to look.

So join us this year for new trails, new views and new riders. For the next seven days check your favourite MTB site and follow the adventure that will be the Mavic Trans-Provence 2015 -The Spirit Of Rally. It's going to be fun!