Marcelo Gutierrez and Danny Hart ride one of the world’s best downhill tracks

Marcelo Gutierrez and Danny Hart train down a fast and fun track at Hafjell Bike Park in Norway.

From Epic TV: The world is full of great downhill MTB tracks but Norway’s Hafjell Bike Park might just have the very best, Behold, the Roller Coaster. It’s long, steep, super curvy and features big jumps (lots of them) and fabulous terrain. Widely considered among the best tracks in the world, it’s certainly a personal favorite of Marcelo Gutierrez. Before his last DH World Cup race in Hafjell Marcelo met up with his friend, Danny Hart a.k.a Mr. Whip Hart, to do a training run. Enjoy the POV as these two speed freaks chase each other down the super flowy track and throw in a trick or two here and there. We love race videos as much as the next guy but there is something to be said about two great riders just having a blast on one of the world’s great tracks.

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