Loic Bruni has quickly elevated himself in the downhill world, earning the nickname ‘SuperBruni’ as well as three World Championship titles. Mostly seen as a through-and-through downhill racer, Bruni has another side to his riding, one that isn’t constantly scrubbing every jump in search of speed and keeping the two-wheel drifts to a minimum to preserve forward momentum.

Released earlier this year, “Gamble” featured the Who’s Who of gravity racing, which of course included SuperBruni. We got to see the other side of Bruni in the film, the side that loves to boost jumps, roost corners and laugh like the speed-mad-Frenchman he is. Prior to the release of “Gamble,” editor-at-large Brice Minnigh wrote about Bruni’s lesser-known personality, as well as the significance that a film like “Gamble” has in the world of gravity racing.

Loic Bruni’s section of the film featured a ‘dream line’ build on Madeira Island in the hills above the capital of Funchal in a once-restricted national park. The track was built in coordination with Freeride Madeira, and it’s now open to the public. The jumps look big and the berms look deep—and don’t get too distracted by the gorgeous view when you’re supposed to be concentrating on making it through high-speed whoops.

For more information about how to find Bruni’s Dream Line, get in touch with Freeride Maderia.