This is what Commencal considers taking a break from its recent barrage of new bike releases. Commencal kids’ bikes are arguably the best on the market, and the Clash is the rowdiest in the bunch. The Clash kids bikes only got a component and color update for 2021, not quite the rebuild that the Meta TR 29, Meta HT AM 29, Meta AM 29 and yesterday, the full-sized Clash. But they did get something just as good. A shred edit featuring riders that have got way too big a head start than any of us ever did. And on top of that, it’s set to an incredible song, Liar, Liar by the Castaways, which us older kids will remember from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. So sit back, have a look, and imagine what it was like when schools closing was a blessing, not a curse.

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