Enduro bikes—so hot right now. Longer, slacker, lower, faster, gnarlier, shreddier….all of the ‘er’ words. Climb all the mountains, bomb every decent. But what if you don’t want to log into Strava every afternoon and feel extremely awkward if the highlights on your shoes don’t match your fanny pack or goggle strap? Enter the dirt jumpers, the bikes that can hardly be called mountain bikes because they only have one brake, a wheelbase shorter than a CCC-built switchback and run tire pressures greater than 25 PSI.

Anyone over 5-foot-5 inches looks like a clown riding a bike with such small wheels (26 inches, mind you), and acts like a clown too as they laugh maniacally while whipping, spinning and flipping through the air. How dare you have so much fun on a bike with less than 160 millimeters of travel and a head angle greater than 64.5 degrees. Those who know, know, and those who don’t should wish they would—dirt jumpers are La Bomba.