Source: Kona

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There are few trails in North America as radical as the Seven Summits. Built in the early 2000s as an adventure amenity to the small mountain village of Rossland, British Columbia, the IMBA Epic sanctioned Seven Summits has since become one of the most sought-after mountain bike trails on the continent. Traveling nearly 50 kilometers across seven peaks, through spectacular terrain on technical singletrack, the trail served as the ideal location to showcase Kona team riders Barry Wicks and Spencer Paxson in the second and final installment of Kona’s House of the Big Wheel film shorts.

The goal of this piece for Kona was simple: to show how the Scandium Hei Hei 29 Supreme and the all-new carbon fiber King Kahuna hardtail were designed to excel against the rigors of the long ride. For this video, longtime Kona Team rider Barry Wicks rides his 3-time BC Bike Race and 2011 TransRockies winning bike of choice, the Hei Hei 29 Supreme, while, Spencer Paxson, who was recently named to the US Olympic Long Team, is on a freshly minted King Kahuna 29-inch wheel hardtail.

Barry Wicks and Spencer Paxson. Photo by Derek Frankowski

"In three days of shooting we probably rode over 100 kilometers of singletrack," explains Paxson. "This was definitely the most fun, most demanding XC trail I've ever ridden. To ride it on a bike this quick and light was a dream."

"To film XC athletes in spandex and short or no travel XC bikes just blazing high alpine singletrack at full gas from a helicopter is going to blow people away," says Wicks about the shoot. "Mountain biking is not just about getting rad on jumps, or shredding the gnar. It's about getting rad period, and I think we are showing another way to do just that. For us, it's about going out and just hammering it all the way to the floor every time, no matter what."

Shot over three beautiful Fall days, with the first skiff of snow to hit the mountains of the Rossland Range this season, the resulting film is a look at what these bikes were both ultimately built for. No matter how technical or physically demanding the terrain, our 2012 House of the Big Wheel steeds are all about letting your inner animal run wild.

Make sure to watch Wicks and Paxson explain the bikes behind the business.