Just Like Flying

Back to basics

Video: Clay Porter / Metis Creative; Images: Roo Fowler

Riding is often about escapism, finding that relief from a busy life of work and chores—the woods become a Faraday box, insulating against the outside world. Think back to childhood though, and the escapism likely becomes something else—simply having fun riding bikes. Real-life, grown-up problems didn’t exist, and riding bikes wasn’t about finding relief, it was simply about riding bikes.

Eleven-year-old Gavin Stanton and 12-year-old Brooke Anderson from Portland, Oregon, have ridden together since they were both 7, pushing each other to progress and become better riders. Through “Just Like Flying,”  Gavin and Brooke take us back to the basics of why we ride, the feel-goodness of being out with your friends for hours on end, dreaming up new tricks to try, what doughnut should be eaten first, and most importantly, what adventure will come next.

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