Jump Ship

Photos, video and results for the FMB World Tour Silver Stop

Photos: Danielle Baker

Jump Ship, a Silver stop in the FMB World Tour, saw over 20 professional riders flock to the jump-filled barge in Victoria Harbor, British Columbia.

Dirt jumps on a boat.

The battle for first place in the slopestyle event was a tight competition between Brandon Semenuk and Mike Montgomery–who just came off a win at the Teva Mountain Games. In the end, Semenuk came out on top by just under three points. Montgomery did however win the best trick contest on Day 2 with a butter-smooth 720 (See video bottom of page).

Ninth placer, Jamie Goldman, skying a backflip.
Eighth place finisher Tyler McCaul: tail-whip.
Youngster and 6th place finisher, Anthony Messere, throwing some big style on the final quarter-gap.
Overall winner, Brandon Semenuk spins off the first hit.

Top Ten Overall finishers:

1. Brandon Semenuk 96.33
2. Mike Montgomery 93.67
3. Mitch Chubey 84.67
4. Geoff Gulevitch 80.67
5. Casey Groves 74.67
6. Anthony Messere 73.33
7. Scott Grant 71.33
8. Tyler McCaul 68.00
9. Jamie Goldman 63.00
10. Kurt Sorge 32.00

Check out the Best Trick Contest video here:


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