In 2009, the Trans-Provence stage-race began. It was a multi-day race across the best, and sometimes most remote, singletrack that crisscrosses the Maritime Alps. After reaching world-renown levels of fame for its long descents, epic times and the inclusion of little-known, often never-ridden, trails, the Trans-Provence came to an abrupt end in 2017 when creator Ash Smith announced a hiatus. The race would be back in 2019, but few other details were given on the postponement of the event.

“Itinerology,” a multi-part series from filmmaker Sam Needham, chronicles the process Ash Smith is taking to revitalize his brainchild, the Trans-Provence, as well as dives into the decisions leading up the 2018 intermission of the event. In the second episode of the series, Smith, longtime Trans-Provence supporter Bryan Watt—whose voice narrates this installment—explore and map ancient trails in an effort to rejuvenate the legendary stage race.


Itinerology: The Work Space

Feature: Trans-Provence Renewed