How to Buy a Mountain Bike – IFHT

It's not what you think

Video and Title Image: IFHT Films

IFHT Films—which stands for “I F***ing Hate That” (based on the group’s original film in 2009)—occupies a unique niche in the world of mountain bike media. Focusing on comedy-based short films, IFHT films relate to aspects of riding that have become well-known stereotypes. Known for their “How to be” series, IFHT has a knack for taking the cliches of our sport and laying them out for all to see—including us. In a way, the films confront us with how things look from the outside in, and each skit, despite its comedic dramatization, holds very relevant kernels of truth.

In their latest film, “How to Buy a Mountain Bike,” IFHT chronicles the life cycle of a budding mountain biker—beginning with complete ‘Jerry’ status, and finishing with a universal realization that (hopefully) we’ve all come to at some point out on the trails.



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