Gooseberry Mesa | Spring Trip

From Max Rhulen:
Having only ridden Moab when in Utah, Gooseberry Mesa was a good thing to throw into the mix. We had no idea what we were going to be riding, but had heard it was technical with some nice flowy sections. Along with that I had to create a video for a project at school. So, I figured this would be the best time to shoot that, but also capture the experience to share with others. My buddy David had been out in this area digging for Rampage in years past but had never done any real riding in this zone. With a late start out of Evergreen, Colorado we drove until 12 pm and stopped for the night in Beaver, Utah. We arrived at Gooseberry the next day, set up camp, and left for the first ride. The technicality and flow to the trails is much different than what we ride here in Colorado. Regardless, it was an awesome trip.