Wade Simmons, otherwise known as the Godfather of Freeride, has been riding the North Shore for as long as bikes have been venturing into the legendary mountains of North Vancouver. Appearing in countless films and glossy magazine spreads, Simmons knows the shore better than almost anyone—he literally wrote the book about trails on the Shore, the Local’s Guide to North Shore Rides. 

Fellow Race Face athlete Keegan Wright gets a personal tour of the Shore from Simmons, as there’s no better way to learn the trails than to ride them with the Godfather himself. There may not be as many skinnies, log rides and ladder bridges as there were back in the day, but there are still plenty of gnarly roots and rocks to push the two riders to their limits—and unfortunately maybe a bit beyond them.

A note from Bike: As Race Face points out at the end of the video, please always seek the proper medical attention for potential head injuries, and make sure to inspect your helmet for damage after a crash.