First there was “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,” then there was “Snatch” and now, 18 years later, there is “Gamble.” Brad Pitt and Jason Statham might not make appearances, but it is narrated by Alan Ford, and there are plenty of big names in the credits. Greg Minnaar, Josh Bryceland, Steve Peat, Loic Bruni, Sam Blenkinsop, Brook MacDonald … you get the point. This is the best of the best, featured outside the tape, riding tracks built for speed and style. The top dogs of downhill leaving it all on the table. The full movie is available May 15, so start counting down the days. And if you can’t wait, our May print issue, which features a behind the scenes look at Loic Bruni and his involvement in “Gamble,” is available tomorrow.