If you’ve been watching the 2018 World Cup progress, you’re familiar with a lot of French names. Amaury Pierron took first in three World Cups in a row, only to be dethroned by Loris Vergier for his first World Cup win in Andorra. Meanwhile, Loic Bruni is always in the mix and Thomas Estaque has rocketed into the limelight with high-level finishes. Within the pro women’s field, Myriam Nicole was fighting for the leader’s jersey before a crash resulted in necessary downtime and a missed race.

All of the aforementioned speed demons were home from July 26 to 28 for the French Championships. Not one of them came out on top. Despite dry conditions for practice and qualifying, finals were plagued by heavy downpours that resulted in a new crop of winners. Gaëtan Vigé took first place, Valentin Clement came in second and Simon Cardon took third.

In the women’s field, Fiona Ourdouillie claimed first place, Adelina Fontaine second and Myriam Nicole third.