Tucked within the glaciers high in the Arctic Circle are mountain bike lines seemingly from another world. Harsh temperatures, volatile weather and nine-month winters have left the area void of human life. Each summer, this frozen landscape flourishes under endless daylight, revealing a spectacular ecosystem. Here Berrecloth, Zink, Storch, and van Steenbergen discover a changing environment steeped in history with challenging terrain unlike anything they've seen before.

Darren Berreloth hikes a potential line in the Arctic Circle.

North of Nightfall, coming spring 2018, is directed by Jeremy Grant and produced by Red Bull Media House in partnership with Freeride Entertainment. "The ability to film this level of riding at any hour of the day in a setting this spectacular is truly unique," said Grant. "We found ourselves in another world, disconnected, and able to focus fully on capturing the story in the moment. That special energy comes through both in the riding and on film."

Cam Zink rides towards the sea on Axel Heiberg Island.

The crew sets up camp in July, when the sun never sets on Axel Heiberg Island, an uninhabited island near the north pole. Here endless possibilities are weighed against major risk, with the nearest hospital a 12-hour flight away.

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Tom van Steenbergen checks his speed on a descent.