Fox Racing Shox: Rip Off The Strip / Smart Pump Concept Launch

Fox hauled us off the Vagas Strip and into the desert for a day of off-roading and product previews.

It wouldn’t take much to entice a mountain bike journalist away from the tornado of appointments, sore feet and sunburn that can be the Interbike Dirt Demo. And when Fox Racing Shox offers the chance to spend the day riding in and driving off-road vehicles…. Well it’s a no brainer.

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Fox Racing Shox likes to show off its expertise in the world of suspension by sharing and creating experiences on some of its other products. In this case it was driving open wheeled Baja-style safari touring vehicles and riding in a prerunner trophy truck with a professional driver (who also happens to be a Fox employee).

Suspension detail of the position-sensitive damping on the safari touring cars.

While the position-sensitive suspension damping on the off-road vehicles showed one end of Fox’s technology spectrum, the mountain-bike-specific concept product Fox showed us after the post-truck-ride BBQ certainly showed us the other end.

That's a lot of meat.

This concept is the Fox Racing Shox Smart Pump shock pump. Fox partnered with technology savvy companies ANT+ and Garmin to create a shock pump that walks users through proper suspension setup.

How it works:
Scan the shock and fork specific QR code with a Garmin 800 or a smartphone and pair the device with the Smart Pump. The device will then walk the rider through suspension setup by giving specific instruction on optimal air pressure or rebound clicks.

Just scan the QR code on the shock or fork with a smartphone of Garmin 800 and pair the device with the Smart Pump to begin the suspension setup process.

The shock pump reads the air pressure in the fork or shock and is able to tell amount of sag based on weighted and unweighted pressures. The pump is also able to dial rebound speed in by measuring the rate of change in air pressure as the fork or shock is cycled rapidly four times as per the set up instructions displayed on the device.

While this might sound complicated, the user interface of the App is incredibly simple and easy to understand.

This product is currently only a concept, but the ease of usability, usefulness and ingenuity behind this product make it something we would like to see in production.