Fingers Crossed BMX: Bike Check

Ruben Alcantara hints that production bikes are coming

Since we first heard news of it back in January, we’ve been following BMX legend, Ruben Alcantara and his project, Fingers Crossed BMX. Partnered with fellow legends, Garrett Byrnes and Mike Bennett, Ruben is on a quest to find out what’s possible when you put full suspension on a BMX bike. We spoke to Byrnes and Alcantara earlier in the year, and they were tight-lipped about whether this project would turn into something more than just an experiment. Today, in a rough, quick-hit Bike Check video, Ruben says for the first time that they are exploring the option of making Fingers Crossed into a real brand. In this video, he briefly covers the finding of a new, more reliable fork that they didn’t have to glue together, makes suggestions for riders considering building their own full-suspension BMX bikes, and reveals the number we’ve been wanting to hear since the beginning: The head tube angle. Spoiler: it’s steep for a mountain bike, slack for a BMX bike, which probably means it’s just right.


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