If summer is the time for roosting berms, sending jumps and generally shredding the gnar, then fall is the time for the last hero moves of the season. Cooler temps and more frequent precipitation make for perfect dirt and endless traction. Bike parks that were once crowded are now almost empty; it’s been said that you might even get a chair all to yourself.

Fall also means shorter days and darker weather. Late days on the trails may end with unanticipated darkness, and some days the sun just doesn’t seem to have the strength to penetrate growing dark clouds. The trails that were once bright and welcoming paths through beautiful forests are now dark tunnels through foreboding woods. You might have an entire run to yourself, with only creaking trees and the thud of tires over dirt to keep you company. Nobody is around to see the whips you’re throwing or how flat your scrub just was—but that’s not really the point anyway. The dark days of winter are ahead and this is the last chance you have to leave tracks in the dirt.