Exclusive Video: “Warming Up” featuring Reece Wallace

Watch the slopestyle standout shred North Shore trails in snow and ice

If snow on the trails keeps you off your bike, then Reece Wallace is a better man than you are. When his local North Shore trails get covered in snow and ice, this slopestyle standout merely views it as a chance to warm up. Check out his video, by Bike‘s video editor, Rupert Walker.

Last year was a difficult year for me. I completely tore my ACL, MCL, LCL and meniscus, and I cracked my femur and tibia while filming. My surgeon told me I'd be off my bike for around nine months. This was tough for me to hear.

I had reconstructive surgery, dedicated myself to a rehab and physiotherapy program, and got back on my bike five months after the surgery. It was tough. Living in Whistler, friends staying with me all summer to ride, watching events from my computer screen, hitting the gym, doctors' appointments and physio was not how I envisioned my season.

“Warming Up” was my first time filming since I got back on my bike in the early winter, and the title is suiting. Although it was one of Vancouver's heaviest and coldest snow days of the season, I just wanted to ride and make the best of it. One can never tell when or if riding will be taken away from them, so make every moment count.

It was difficult, yes, but hard work made me stronger and more confident than ever. This injury changed my perspective such that I try to be a better rider every time I'm on my bike, and to focus all my efforts into riding since health is such a fragile thing. Never take it for granted. —Reece Wallace