Think of drones what you will, but access the fliers provide to previously unattainable images and film clips is undeniable. Now the next stage of evolution, racing quadcopters, have started to make an entrance to the mountain bike film industry. They’re like video games in real life. The pilot wears a headset similar to those commonly used in VR headsets you’d plug your phone into, and flies the quadcopter via point-of-view from a camera mounted on the quadcopter. These have been around for a long, long time, but they haven’t made it into the mainstream film world until recently. Now they’re showing up all over the place—even though you might not realize it. The latest RAW 100 featuring Richie Rude used a few clips from a quadcopter, as did the venue release video for Red Bull Rampage this year.

In this video, “Drone Revolution,” from rider Kilian Bron and filmmakers Cinematic Flow, nearly the entire video was filmed with quadcopters. The cinematography that is possible with the small and agile fliers is unlike anything that we’ve seen in the past—it’s an entirely new tool for filmmaking and yields unique results. The flying wizards behind “Drone Revolution” took things one step further and used a 360-degree camera under the quadcopter. The abilities of that particular type of camera combined with a nimble quadcopter and an excellent pilot made for some amazing footage. Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.

Bonus Video: Making of Drone Revolution