Danny MacAskill’s 'The Ridge' with had some of the gnaliest exposure lines of any video we've seen. Top that off with a trail bike frontflip over a fence and you can't help but want to know what went into the making of 'The Ridge.' These videos give you a look inside the risks Danny MacAskill and the film crew took to get the shots they wanted.

In 'Inaccessible Pinnacle' Danny unclips from the ropes and climbs a knife's edge ridge with his bike on his back.

'The Frontflip' shows Danny's test runs at the fence over which he front flipped his Santa Cruz Bronson.

The exposure, rain, and narrow paths that Danny and the film team were exposed to are shown in 'The Ledge.'

And the fourth clip, "The Gap" shows the difficulties of the boulder gap – a stunt, which required full concentration and maximum strength to do on a full suspension bike:

Danny's skill and inspiration was matched only by the incredible filming talent of Cut Media. The outcome was one of a kind and for Danny probably one of the coolest things he's ever done.

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