The days of dusty trails and tan lines are quickly coming to an end for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Temperatures are falling fast, as is water from the sky. The trails are starting to turn from hardpack racetracks to slimy Slip N’ Slides. And the best part about the changing of the seasons? Puddles.

What most children know, and most adults have forgotten, is that puddles provide some of the best entertainment around—especially on bikes. Slashing parking-lot puddles is an excellent opportunity to extract payback for your friend’s poor music choice during the drive to the trailhead, and of course, rut puddles are the only acceptable use for slo-mo these days. There’s something uniquely satisfying about nearly emptying a generic trail puddle with a high-speed, head-on attack—parting the small sea of brown water will mostly likely plaster a grin on your face identical to the one you had at four years old, sitting in a mud puddle and laughing maniacally while throwing soggy mud-pies at your parents.

Apparently, Danny MacAskill is still very much a child at heart, as demonstrated with the wet-weather shenanigans in his new film “Downright Dirty.” Testing out the new onesie rain-suit, the MT500 Waterproof Suit, Danny heads out to a playground of wet roots, slick mud and, of course, deep puddles.

Editor’s Note: Certain terrain, soil mixture and topography can tolerate wet-weather riding without major damage to trails. Be sure to check your local trail conditions before heading out, as some trails can be severely rutted and damaged if ridden when wet.