Remember the story of Steve Peat? He sold his plumbing tools, bought a DH bike, then dominated? There’s a striking resemblance to Damien Oton’s plumbing past and speedy success with two wheels pointed downhill.

Oton’s currently sitting in third place overall for 2018’s EWS, only 40 points shy of Martin Maes with two stops left—Ainsa, Spain, being this upcoming weekend. Last year, Oton won Finale Ligure, Italy’s, EWS stop eight outright. This year’s finale—pun noted—will also be Finale Ligure.

In “Damien Oton X Portait,” Oton reflects over the importance and fortune of family, and his past as a plumber. Here’s to snaking toilets and plunging podiums … err … plunging toilets and snaking podiums, or something like that.