Do Rupert Walker and Brandon Semenuk ever take a day off? The duo make up the genius behind Revel Co., and it seems like every other week they put out an edit unlike anything we have seen before. CONTRA is no different. Revel Co. built a scene that would be more at home in an empty warehouse with deafening bass music pumping through the crowd than among evergreen trees and the buzz of a freewheel. That unexpected combination of artistry and style is what continually sets Revel Co. apart. CONTRA isn’t just another shredit. It is an immersive experience of sound, light and style as Semenuk smoothly, and seemingly effortlessly, flows through perfectly sculpted jumps. Spend two minutes to watch the edit, and take in the full experience of the ethereal shoot with these behind-the-scenes images from Bike’s director of photography Anthony Smith.