Everything is going right for Commencal. Amaury Pierron, Myriam Nicole and Thibaut Dapréla are leading the charge. After laying down a massively fast run, Aaron Gwin looked to be approaching another win. Not on Pierron’s watch. Where Gwin was fast, Pierron matched his speed. Where Gwin bobbled, Pierron was smooth. He was nearly perfect and it showed. He took his second ever World Cup win in as many weeks, and also took the leader’s jersey for the overall title.

Nicole was unsure in the start gate. She didn’t have a timed practice run and crashed in qualifying. But as the split times came in, it was clear she had a shot at the top step. Low down, a mistake almost took her out of the running and a slow finish brought her back to second place for the day.

In the junior category, Dapréla also had a strong showing with a second place finish.