On the surface, Yoann Barelli appears to be more or less the class clown of the EWS. He’s a jokester, always laughing and instigating shenanigans wherever he goes. His ridiculous videos pop up on all over the internet; it seems like there’s an endless flood of outrageous ideas coming from Barelli—everything from riding a cyclocross bike down Dirt Merchant in Whistler to his maniacal #tutotuesday series. However, if all the world sees of Yoann Barelli is the occasional social media clip or viral YouTube video, it might just give the wrong impression of the Frenchman.

Barelli’s more popular media mostly contains his wild side. Due to its high entertainment value, it’s understandable, but it only gives half the story. Diving deeper into Barelli’s social media you’ll find posts from other facets of his life—pictures of his dog, posts of his wife and new child, as well as his new-found love for photography. There’s a deep and careful side to Barelli, one that only comes out in bits and pieces for the world to see. Perhaps though, it’s what makes the French rider such an integral part of the mountain bike community.