Likely the roughest track of the 2018 World Cup, Val di Sole took no prisoners. It was the downfall of Commencal’s best hope in the women’s race. On a pre-race run, Myriam Nicole went over the bars, landing on her lower back and putting her in the hospital for two days.

The men fared better. Thomas Estaque had a heater of a run putting him in the hot seat, until he was knocked back four places to take fifth on the day—his best result yet.

But it was once again Amaury Pierron who stole the show. After qualifying first, Pierron was the last to drop for finals. The suspenseful lead-up paid off, with Pierron racing his way to first, a half second ahead of Laurie Greenland. It was Pierron’s third World Cup win in a row.

Keep an eye on Commencal this coming weekend during the Andorra World Cup stop.